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Roof Repairing Services Smithtown

Roof Repairing Services Smithtown

Are you in Smithtown Long Island and in need of roof repair? Give us a call at LI Roof Repair and we would be happy to take care of all your roofing needs. Whether you have a commercial roof repair project you need done, or simply a residential roof repair job, let our highly experienced and trained professionals handle your next roofing job and you will be glad you did.

Jeff Nill, proud owner and operator of Long Island Roof Repair has been in the business for over 30+ years. We’re not talking about someone who runs their business from behind a desk, because Jeff is on-site of just about every project Li Roof Repair is a part of, and his expertise has been developed through decades of hands-on experience. A 3rd generation roofer on Long Island, the Nill family has been providing quality service to the Long Island area for a seriously long time. The outstanding reputation they have developed over the course of generations has come from their ability to not just meet customer expectations, but to consistently exceed them.

When it comes time for your next roofing job, and you are looking for a serious professional who is dedicated to delivering outstanding results, give Jeff a call and speak with him yourself. You will be pleased to find that he is a local resident who takes pride in being able to service the community he calls home.

Many business owners prefer to do business separate from where they work, because they say they “don’t want to have to see their clients/customers outside of work”, but not Jeff. He’d prefer to service his fellow residents, and welcomes the sense of community it brings to support and service his fellow Long Islanders.

Jeff personally lives in the St. James area of Smithtown Long Island, so of course if he were absolutely forced to choose I’m sure he would say that this is his favorite place of doing business. There is a certain pleasure one gains as a business owner in being able to help those immediately around them, so if you are in Smithtown, and especially the St. James area, don’t even think about calling anyone else for your roofing needs, because you’ve got the best roofing company around right there in your neighborhood.

Over 30+ years providing roofing services in the area, LI Roof repair has completed all sorts of projects, not only in St. James and Smithtown, but also throughout Suffolk County and the whole of Long Island.Flat roofs, SBS, hot tar roofs, sloped roofs, asphalt shingles, cedar, slate or tile roofs; we’ve seen and done it all and there is no project we can’t handle.

Dealing with other roofing companies, you may encounter the “fly-by-night” type who will take your money and deliver sub-par results, but when you work with JeffNill at Long Island Roof Repair you can rest easy knowing that your roofing work is being carried out not only by a highly skilled professional, but by a local business as well. We take pride in supporting our local community, and we hope local community members take pride in being able to support local businesses.

If you need roofing done and are in St. James, or anywhere in Smithtown Long Island, give us a call now and we’d be happy to speak with you.