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Long Island Roof Repair – Suffolk County

Long Island Roof Repair – Suffolk County

Long Island Roof Repair is the only Suffolk County Roofer you should even think of calling the next time you are in need of roofing services. We are the top roofing company in the area, but don’t just take our word for it. Ask around and you’ll soon find that our outstanding reputation spans throughout Suffolk County, Long Island, and the Greater New York area.

We don’t just do residential roofing, and in fact we have been a part of countless Suffolk County Commercial Roofing projects over the years. Let it be known that we are no “one trick pony”, and by that I mean we have experience working with pretty much every roof type there is and fixing pretty much every type of roofing problem that could possibly arise. We pride ourselves on our in depth knowledge and experience, and we feel that this is probably our most powerful asset. After about 2.5 decades of faithful roofing service on LI it’s quite clear that we are the most experienced, trusted, and well-established Roofing Company in the area.

When you work with us, you can be sure that you are dealing with highly trained, skilled, and serious professionals who are fully committed to giving 110% to each and every project we are a part of. We are not your average roofing company, and we like to make that known to our customers up front. For starters, Jeff Nill, owner and operator of Long Island Roof Repair is a Long Island native with over 25 years of proud service doing roofing for LI property owners. Not only is Jeff one of the top Suffolk County Roofers, but also he actually comes from a long line of roofers who have faithfully served the Long Island area for decades! His father was a professional roofer, as was his grandfather, and some of his brothers are even in the industry too. As you can see Jeff basically has roofing in his blood, and his family has been servicing the roofing needs of Long Island for 3 generations+!

We share this with younot to brag, although it certainly does put our business above the competition in a way, but more importantly we share this in hopes that you can see that when you work with Jeff Nill and Long Island Roof Repair you are dealing with the most professional and well-established roofing company in the area. Jeff is not one of these bosses you will never see getting his hands dirty, because he makes a point to be one site for every project and still plays a very active role in all of the hands-on operations. So rest assured that when you hire LI Roof Repair, you’ve got Jeff’s personal expertise on the job, and that means all of the knowledge and experience that comes along with him.

Jeff is very serious about setting agood example for the rest of his team and he runs a tight ship in terms of cost efficiency. This intelligent business approach is what enables us to deliver the highest quality results possible for the lowest possible price to our customers. When it comes to quality roofing work at affordable prices, Suffolk County Roof Repair doesn’t get any better than this. We do it all, from residential roofing to commercial roofing, and every type of roofing material and project there is. For Roof Leak Repairs in Suffolk County, we are the go to company that will not only stop your leaks but help prevent future ones from occurring as well. Not only do we work on traditional style roofs, but we also can handle any Suffolk County Flat Roof Repairs, and any other style of roofing or repairs you might have.

We believe that good roofing services at affordable prices should be available to everyone, not just those people that “know someone” or “have a friend”. This is why we take great pride in being able to service the community we are a part of. When you think Suffolk Roof Repair, think Jeff Nill and Long Island Roof Repair. Work with us, and you will be glad you did, because your satisfaction is our guarantee.